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Setting up Northwood Tech email on a mobile phone.
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You have a few options to access your Northwood Tech email on your smartphone.   You will want to access email from your phone after you have set up your MyCampus account as a first-time user.  Set up MyCampus as a first-time user. 


Choose one of the below options to access your email from your phone:

  1. Through the home page 
  2. Download the Microsoft Outlook app
  3. Already using the Microsoft Outlook app; add your email address 


1.  Access from home page


    a. Go to home page

    b. Click on the MyCampus link and log in with your email address and MyCampus password

    c. Click on the Outlook email icon on the MyCampus apps page

2. Download the Microsoft Outlook app:

    a. Find and install the free Microsoft Outlook app from your app store (Google Play or Apple Store) on your Phone.  

    b. Enter your email address and click on the Add Account Button 

    c. Enter your MyCampus password


     d. NorthwoodTech email automatically loads into the Outlook app. 



3.  Add Northwood Tech email address when already using the Outlook App


     a.  Open the Outlook mobile app and click on the Home icon


        b.  Click on Add an account


       c.  Enter  email address and click Continue


       d.  Click on the Continue button and enter your MyCampus password



Select your desired options for syncing, and you're done!



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