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How do I install Office 365?
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     Installing Microsoft Office is easy.  While you are a full-time student at Northwood Tech you have access to all of Microsoft Office for free.  You simply install everything through your email. 

Before installing Microsoft Office 365 you will need to set up MyCampus

     Read our article on First Time Login: MyCampus and MyNorthwoodTech.


To get started:

  1. Go to Northwood Tech’s website at
  2. Bring your mouse up to the top
  3. Click on “MyCampus”

click on mycampus


Login to MyCampus and click on the Office 365 Applications in the upper-left:

click on office 365 applications


Click on "Office 365":

You are brought straight your Office 365 apps:

  1. Click on "Install Office"
  2. Select "Office 365 apps"
  3. Follow the directions that pop up in the window

click on install office 365 apps

  • If you don't see the "Install Office" button, look up in the URL for a small install button:



follow install instructions window


When asked to sign in using your email address:

  1. Enter your Northwood Technical College email.  Example:
  2. The window will refresh to a Northwood Tech login
  3. Enter your network password, the same password you used to access your MyCampus/email

login with your college email and network password


You're all done!


You are allowed 5 instances of Office 365, including using the mobile apps on your phone or tablet.


Note: O365 does not include Microsoft Access.


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