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Service Announcement
  •  11/27/23: (Ongoing) Research Databases Services outage 
    • Non-working Databases - EBSCO/CINAHL, Facts on File, Gale,  MotoVisuals, and Films on Demand - (Engineers are working on resolving the issue). 
    • ** Other Databases and the MyApps portal Databases are working without issues. 
  • 11/27/23: (Ongoing/Staff) No Audio on Desktops/Laptops due to a Microsoft Update. We have a temporary fix. Please submit a help desk ticket if you are experiencing this issue.  
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Change Your Default MFA Method

1. Go to [][1] 2. On the default sign-in method line, click **Change ** ![][2] 3. From the drop-down menu, select the authentication method you’d like to use and then click **Confirm**. ![][3] [1]: [2]: https://hf-fil…

Update or View Security Info

1. In your **MyCampus** portal, click on your profile picture 1. Click on **View Account** _**Note:** You might be prompted to use your default MFA method to proceed to the next steps. _ ![][1] 1. Under the **Security Info** tab click on **Update Info ** ![][2] 1. You can view your available Multif…

Number Matching for Microsoft Authenticator

**_Note: These changes only affect users receiving push notifications in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Users that are currently using other authentication methods (EX: Call/Text or TOTP 6-digit codes) in the Microsoft Authenticator app will not be affected. _** You will receive a number prompt at the logon screen …

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